PILECKI Witold (1901-1948)
pseudonyms „Witold", „Tomek", „Romek", conspirational surnames: „Tomasz Serafiński", „Roman Jezierski, „Leon Bryjak", „Jan Uznański", „Witold Smoliński", codename „T-IV"; officer of the Polish Army reserves, cofounder of the Polish Secret Army, voluntary prisoner of the KL Auschwitz, officer of the Main Headquarters of the Home Army and “NIE”, political prisoner of the Stalinist period, the victim of a judiciary murder.
signature Rotamaster Pilecki
Institute of National Remembrance The Historical Museum of Warsaw Dolnośląska Inicjatywa Historyczna

Current events

The opening of an exhibition “Rotamaster Pilecki, Vilnius – Auschwitz – Rakowiecka” in the Museum of Wola – Warsaw, May 15, 2008

On May 15, 2008 in Wola Museum at Srebrna 12 street (Branch of the Historic Museum of the Capital City Warsaw) an opoening of an exhibition entitled: “Rotamaster Pilecki, Vilnius – Auschwitz – Rakowiecka” was shown to the public.

It is already the second monographic exhibition dedicated to the extraordinary Pole. This time it was extended by many souvenirs and documents from the Pilecki family collection, and documents made available by the Institute of National Remembrance as well as museum artifacts from a private collector. The exhibition was prepared by custodian – Lidia Świerczek.


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